Jérémie Gurvan Legrain

It’s pretty young that I became an avid tinkerer.
With the inspiration of my grandfathers, the help of my dad and his tools and the unbelievable Craftsmen we met while growing up in Africa, whom created so much with so little.
I’ve been using my keen eye for visual arts in photojournalism, blueprints, product design, merchandising, editorials, video, live lighting shows, projection mapping and a growing number of new ways to perfect it.
As for my handy hands, they’ve been working early on, since I’m about 9, first by making my own skateboard ramps and rails, bmx handlebar, pc tower, homemade video projector, renovate homes and in 2004 build my first electric guitar.
In 2005 I made the Creature guitar, a complete custom guitar I designed and built with an amazing sound and innovations.

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