elsa chesnel

Elsa Chesnel

Elsa Chesnel has always been seduced by charcoal, by the duality of its sharp contrast and soft frailty, and by its engulfing black dust. She is also highly attracted by the worlds created in the large paintings of Abstract Expressionists, in which the viewer is trapped by mood and swallowed by colours. This love for interaction is what pushed her to experiment in formats growing in size. Charcoal being highly unpractical at such a scale, she attempted to retain the same lines, volumes, and feelings while using Acrylics. However, while larger formats are what she thrives for, smaller formats are sometimes the only thing she can achieve. This constant back and forth between large and small, between abstract and figurative, between automatism and careful studies, became a spiral in which she applies what each medium and each moment teaches her. Her charcoal technique now includes an increased amount of pastels, and a much wider range of colors and vibrations.

Rainbow Dreamer - 2019