Special 20 years


20 years in retrospect


Prior to the CCAFCB’ (Francophone Arts Council of B.C.) inception on May 27th 1996, the founding committee laid out a plan of action that would help establish the organization as a successful not-for-profit initiative. This founding committee consisted of 5 members: Marie Woolridge, Josette Sales, Isabelle Longnus, Séverin Gaudet and Pierre Rivard. Together, these 5 individuals would work towards creating the CCAFCB as an independent organization; inheriting the artistic and cultural agenda that was formerly under the responsibility of the FCCB. In addition to this, the founding committee laid out the CCAFCB’s initial mandate, and preceded with the recruitment its members and the hiring of the first managing director (Daniel Thériault) in 1996. Following then, on June 7th 1997, the CCAFCB held its first general assembly, involving its members and the organization’s president at the time: Mary Woolrigde. Mary Woolridge would retain her role as president from 1996 up until 2002.

Today, the CCAFCB continues to fulfill its mandate which focuses on supporting and promoting British Colombia’s artistic and cultural sectors. Over the years, the CCAFCB has been able to realize a large sum of artistic and cultural projects such as: Pacifique en chanson, Découvertes artistiques, Liv’Art and the upcoming Caravane des arts. These successes wouldn’t have been possible without the active contributions from the CCAFCB’s members and the community.



Come Celebrate with us!

This year we are celebrating our 20th anniversary! To commemorate this special milestone in our history, we will be increasing our online presence on all of our social media platforms.

Here’s an inside look at what we have planned so far:
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Our series of promotional videos showcases unique individuals and organizations that are correlated with the artistic and cultural sectors of the Francophone community in B.C. Come discover the official release of all 18 videos on a monthly basis until the end of the Spring season in 2016.


1-Le Club Bon Accueil


 2-Phlippe Sokazo


 3-Julie Lebel


 4-Terence Doucet


5-Yolande Morin


6-La Société francophone de Victoria

vignette video SFV 20ans 

7-Le Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver

le centre vignette

8-Sonja Hébert

sonja vignette


9- La Société francophone de Maillardville

Video Maillardville


10- Danielle Marcotte

Danielle Marcotte tall

11 - Traditional dancers Les Cornouillers

Troupe de danse Les Cornouillers


12 - Majie Lavergne

Majie small

13 - Sylvie Godin

Video Sylvie Godin small

13 - The Francophone Association of West Kootenays (AFKO)

20e AFKO


14 - Theater La Seizième

La 16e v2



15 - Thibault Sendra

Thibault sendra video 2


16 - Linn Bouchard





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