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gale.2012-webGaëleDaughter of the French Alps, Quebecoise by adoption, with a degree in classical music from Grenoble and a Bachelor's in jazz and pop singing from UQAM, Gaële has distinguished herself through her participation in various contests (including the Festival en chanson de Petite Vallée and the Festival international de la chanson de Granby), allowing her to give strength to her singing voice: a mix of theatricality, intensity and gentle mischief. An independent woman of the world, a loquacious yet careful weigher of words, a dreamer who has sworn to cherish imperfection, a hyperactive contemplative, and an artist fueled by paradoxes: traits of her personality that help strengthen her songs.  

Gaële has produced two albums, Cockpit (2007), and Diamant de papier (2010) that deal with her sense of Quebecoise identity (L'accent d'icitte) while at the same time stirring up and exploring strong feelings of displacement (Ville intérieure).

Her gift for capturing the complexity of human experience within the medium of song has garnered her numerous awards, including the Guy Bel Award for Best Female Singer-Songwriter at the Festival Pully-Lavaux à l’Heure du Québec, the Cirque de Soleil Award of the Bourse Rideau 2008.  

As a lyricist, composer, and versatile musician, Gaële has been acknowledged as an invaluable collaborator by a positive crowd of distinguished figures in the Quebec music community. She wrote and cowrote the lyrics for Marie-Pierre Arthur’s first two albums and lent her penning talent to Monica Freire, Jipé Dalpé, Line Renaud, David Usher, Damien Robitaille, Cusson/Mervil/Montcalm and Alexandre Désilets.

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