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This project combined two artistic discipines, literary and visual arts. The concept was to engage 12 communities (from our 15 member organisations) in an endeavour which involved collaboration with 13 artists.

The first stage of the Liv'Art project focused on the literary arts. Over the month of June 2014, writing workshops will be given in 6 communities, with the goal of creating 12 texts (2 per community). These workshops have been given by Noëlle Mathis so as to ensure uniformity throughout, and to offer support and expertise to the participants. The objective of the workshops was to demystify writing and the creative process, and to make the literary arts more accessible. The texts themselves were urban legends, the inspiration for which has been drawn from real life examples from within the community.

The following step of Liv'Art was the visual arts component, which served to illustrate the 12 written texts produced in the first section. 6 communities have also been part of this step. Each worked with local visual artists to led it in the creative process. Each artist has the opportunity to work with one group on one text. In total, there were 12 artists (one from each community) who worked with participants from the public in order to illustrate the written texts.

Finally, a booklet of the 12 texts accompanied by their illustrations has been created and distributed to the francophone communities throughout the province.


Literary Arts Workshop Leader

noelle1 13fc0Noëlle Mathis has lead writing workshops in France and around the world since 2002. She holds a University Diploma in leading writing workshops (Université de Provence) and a Master's in Education (Simon Fraser University). She also teaches French as a Second Language. She has lived in a variety of countries over the last 15 years, including Germany, Canada and Guyana, and is passionate about learning new languages and being introduced to new cultures. In her spare time, you can find Noëlle atop a mountain or in a Dojo.

Here are the Workshop locations:

• Le Centre culturel francophone in Vancouver, Canada
• Le Centre universitaire d'études françaises in Avignon
• American University Centre of Provence à Aix in Marseille
• Le Théâtre La Ferronnerie in Marseille
• Alliance Française of Nairobi, Kenya
• Réseau-Femmes Colombie-Britannique in Vancouver, Canada


Visual Artists

Alex Pilon
Anik Provencher
Chiu Wong
Françoise Moulin
Gynette Mercier
Johanne Galipeau
Justine Gareau-Loyer
Pierre Leichner
Rhéa Zajac
Sylvie Roussel-Janssens


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