Originally, it was the Fédération des Francophones who had the responsibility of maintaining the cultural agenda in the province of British Colombia. The Féderation put into place a cultural committee which consisted of a designated agent, and a cultural assistant who would be at the heart of the administrative council.

The CCAFCB was born on the 27th of May 1996; thanks to the commitment of many cultural organizations of the province as well as the Fédération des Francophones. This new organization was fully committed to serve in the objectives of responding to the needs of francophone artistic and cultural communities and helping them flourish.


Since its creation, the CCAFCB has managed many projects and services. Among them, it hosts the annual event Pacifique en chanson. This event represents a chance for emerging artists to participate in a week long training camp mentored by established professionals, as well as producing and performing music for public shows.
At the time, Pacifique en chanson was called ''gala provincial de la chanson'' and had been organised by the Fédération des francophones since 1992. The CCAFCB took over in 1996 and would change the events name in 2006 to what we call it today.

There is also Réseau pacifique which is one of the CCAFCBs major events. The project was born in 2003, in parallel with the arts symposium that happened that same year. The goal of Réseau pacifique is to champion provincial awareness of cultural events, such as touring francophone artists.


The CCAFCB still closely participates at the heart of the Fédération culturelle canadienne française on the national stage. The organization sits on many provincial committees such as: Culture Days, Arts Coalition BC, Alliance for the arts, among several others.

Throughout the years, the CCAFCB has become a unique voice of support in the development of arts and culture on both the provincial and national level. It has supported artists in offering specialized training suited to their artistic domains, in order to help grow their expertise. Artists are also given the opportunity to become members of our Artist Directory, a valuable reference tool in navigating the artistic francophone community of BC.
Today, the CCAFCB continues to develop its artistic community. Exchanges in this community are centered on professional development with the help of various initiatives such as the project Liv'Art.


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