Summer is the perfect moment to discover the treasures of our francophone culture and heritage in BC. It's a great opportunity to stroll in the gorgeous landscapes we have around !

The CCAFCB, together with the Association francophone de Kamloops (AFK), the Centre culturel francophone de l'Okanagan (CCFO) and the Société francophone de Maillardville (SFM) have therefore launched the geocaching project.
The topic: "Discover your francophone-ness, your culture, your history! "
Enjoy a fun adventurous time and discover the historical, cultural and natural treasures of these 3 communities.

Check on all the activities taking place during the summer 2016 and beyond - as the geoacaching trails created are there to stay in each community for years to come!

This project is funded in part by the government of Canada.

Patrimoine Canadien



Okanagan trail


The CCFO jumped two feet in the geocaching adventure !

The association launched the project during the St-Jean Baptiste celebrations and other major events ( Canada Day, the Block Party of July 23rd).
Who was Auguste Guillard? How many spots will you find in a day? Join the adventure and discover the richness of the region in your own language ... or in French !


July 20th is another date !! The CCFO - in association with Festivals Kelowna is organising a great artistic evening! Francophone artists will animate the tour|
Temporary caches will be added to the tour in the city centre, to bring you to the music party. A cache will bring you to the other, promoting arts and culture in the Okanagan.

And for the younger adventurers, summer camps will bring you thrilling times on the trails !!

To know more, please contact the CCFO or read more on their website.



Maillardville trail

Maillardville is a central piece in the francophone world of BC. Discover the pioneers and their heritage in the city! 12 caches have been hidden, in the city and its surrounding.

The tour is in English or in French, allowing francophiles to join the adventure !

And to add some fun to that, an artistic day has been planned on July 12th!
The artist Sylvie Roussel-Janssens will join you for an incredible day! And if you are good treasure-hunters, you may discover how to win an artistic creation!

Other activities (geocaching initiation, summer camp geocaching) are also planned throughout the summer. Stay alert!

Good luck !


Socété francophone de Maillardville


And to learn more, contact the Société francophone de Maillarville or read more on their website.



Kamloops trail


12 caches are hidden in Kamloops and it surroundings. Lake Le Jeune could be of interest to you, trasure hunters! Enigmas, hidden caches to track via your GPS... the Association francophone de Kamloops has created a whole trail just for you!
Run the trail and (re)discover the pioneers of the regions and the cultural identity of the region!
Francophone explorers, the "fur brigades", Hotel de Montreal or St Louis Mission... You'll be unbeatable ! 
Geocache Francokamloops

Maybe you had a chance to take part in the initiation day with FrancoKamloops on April 9th, or in the treasure hunt of May 15th.

If you want more of that, come on July 17th for a thrilling day with animations led by francophone artists !!
And if you are a smart and quick treasure hunter, you may win and artistic gift!!

Young ones will have an opportunity to discover geocaching during summer camps !


To know more about it, contact the Association francophone de Kamloops or go online.





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