• How Can I find Artists in the Directory? Open or Close

    For a global overview, click on the “Artist Directory” tab which will allow you to search by generalized categories. For a more detailed search, the «Search» tab will allow you to use specific filters such as by region, city, or artistic domain.

  • How Can I Switch from French to English? Open or Close

    For certain sections on our site, it is possile to see content in English. By default, all content will appear in French. 

    You can change the site language at any time by clicking "English" or "Français" at the top right corner of the page.

     If there is no English translation available for the page you are browsing, only menu items will be translated into English and the page content will remain in French.

    Quicklink to English version: http://www.ccafcb.com/index.php/en.html

    Lien vers la version en français: http://www.ccafcb.com/index.php/fr.html

  • Registration Open or Close

    If you are on the lookout for an artist or a professional in British-Colombia who works in French within their discipline, the repertoire can help you. For a global overview, the « Répertoire des arts » tab will allow you to search through the database by general categories or in alphabetical order. For a more detailed search, the « Recherche » tab will allow you to filter your search through specifics such as city, region, and /or artistic domain.

    Are you an artist ? Would you like to become a member of our repertoire ?

    1-Click on the tab «Inscription» (from the menu above in dark grey). Activate the link that you receive via email. Connect yourself with your ID and password.
    2- Sign up for the Repertoire (vertical menu in blue). Fill in the mandatory information fields marked by an asterix (*), do not forget to fill out the description field and upload a photo that represents you (portrait or logo).

    Each inscription or update of profile to the Arts Repertoire requires validation from an administrator. Due to this you will receive a confirmation email that will be sent to your email account.

  • Publication Open or Close

    How to post an activity

    Our Events Calendar allows members to post onto the site their arts and culture centered events. Signed in members can consult Calendar Management option. 

    How to post an advertisement 

    Members of the site can advertise their announcements on our website. Once logged in, consult the "Post an Ad" option. Once there, you can select a category, describe your event, and add photos. 

    How to upload a file

    The headings "Calendar" and "Cultural Ads" allow members to post files as attachemnts. You can do this by clicking on the icon "Insert/Edit File".


    Ensuite, suivez les indications ci-dessous pour télécharger votre fichier.



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