Découvertes artistiques


logodecouvertes-pour-le-webIn 2013, 16 artists from British Columbia created a visual art event to be presented in 4 cities around the province: Kelowna and Prince George on February 9th, and Vancouver and Victoria on March 9th.
Découvertes Artistiques aimed to create a link between artists and the public. It also incited collaboration between artists from different regions. It was a great opportunity for them to gain visibility and share some unique and enriching moments.

The 4 cities were paired off and each represented a different region of the province: Kelowna/Victoria and Prince George/Vancouver. The selected artists worked together within these groups. They received $1000 for their work. Each of the cities hosted the corresponding group of artists for one day.

These workshops allowed for an interaction with the public so that they familiarised themselves with different visual art techniques. This is not a question of a collective oeuvre, but more of a workshop or learning experience around a common vision formed by the collective of selected artists (a theme, an idea, a technique - eg. "use of perspective"). Each artist followed this vision so that when the public moove from one discipline to the next they  found a common link between them.

Découvertes Artistiques challenged its artists to find a common meaning, and offered them a team spirit that is not always easy to find within the domain of visual art. Finally, Découvertes Artistiques insisted on a coherent collective project in the eyes of the public.

  • Kelowna: Christian Lipani, Christine Cloutier, Francine Gravel, Henri Brazeau
  • Nelson: Emmanuelle Meunier, Justine Gareau-Loyer
  • Prince George: Anik Provencher, Marthe Collin
  • Greater Vancouver: Catherine Tableau, Diane Roy, Florence Debeugny, Joanne Plourde, Rose Eysmond, Sylvie Roussel-Janssens
  • Victoria/Nanaimo: Françoise Moulin, Johanne Galipeau


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