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The project



Caravane des arts is a project aiming at connecting communities to art throughout BC. By sending artists in residency, we are supporting the artistic vitality. 5 artists of different fields were sent together for a full month, in 4 different cities/regions during April 2016.

These artists are:
- a stage performer / producer / storyteller
- a visual artist
- a writter / storyteller
- a handcraft artist
- a danser /choregraph / circus artist

Working together, they have met local communities to animate workshops, discussion panels, shows and more to highlight their art field.


To learn more, read our blog (in French)


The 5 artists


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Carmen Laferrière is a dedicated handcrafter. 
After years exploring painting, she is working with felt. She is finding her inspiration in different cultures, memories, shapes and colours of nature.

Cheyda Haramein is a passionate storyteller.
Writting and sharing "wisdom stories" allows her to connect with her audience.
Her creation "Le porteur de rêves" ("The dream bearer") has been published in 2008 in Moncton

Isabelle Kirouac is an inter-disciplinary choregrapher and stage artist. She is performing both alone and with companies, switching between acrobatic stilts and contemporary danse.
She has taken part in several projects in Canada and abroad

Jean-Pierre Makosso is a poet - storyteller, writter and producer.
He is creating and producing his shows in schools and communities throught Canada

 Sonja Hébert works on drawing and 3D sculptures inpired by nature, with natural materials and organic shapes.
With a diploma from Emily Carr, she is taking part in artist residencies in Europe and Canada



The Caravane des arts has been meeting communities of BC by connecting major centres:

Powell river, with the Club Bon Accueil
from April 4th to the 9th 2016

Victoria, with the Société francophone de Victoria
from April 11th to the 15th 2016

Kelowna and the region, with the Centre culturel francophone de l'Okanagan
inclunding Vernon and Penticton
from April 18th to the 23th 2016

Nelson and the region, with the Association francophone des Kootenays Ouest
including Revelstoke and Rossland
from April 18th to the 23th 2016



Our partners

This project is funded by the following partners :

Patrimoine Canadien        BCArtsCouncil          british-columbia


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