Gynet_me ( Gynette Mercier Panchaud) . La nuit le jour, l'hiver l'été, je contraste,je suis blanche et noire, je suis bilingue Black and White je joue ma vie sur un 'Echiquier/ damier'. J'écris, je dessine, j'utilises les médias sociaux, le téléphone cellulaire et pour mes vidéos et enregistrement et photographies et l'H20 est la goutte d'eau nécessaire à ma survie.Gynet_me  from Gynet_me, last appear onwebsite of hesainprint dot com poetryrunous 2012 2011 at my name gynette mercier/gynetme & poetry reading Banff centre Leighton studio avemy march 17th residency winter 2011 but also at 'Georges Laoun optician gallery' on st. denis street with my reading alive poetry in front of the audiences at the opening of the 20th African Festival of Black (20e de l'Histoire des noirs) with art exhibits of paintings during one month, february 15th. 2011 AS a multidisciplinary artist and Cultural crew. I manage my contracts and submit my projects with vidéos, but also writing, photographs and poetry reading and plants as horticulturist. I wrote on my photograph 'I was standing there' as a rock winter 2011 Banff studio because as artist and women, we should take our place in universe & front the sky. 'Je suis là' is wrote engraving in my photograph that i send but also in others artworks videos photographs writings engraving.. I am visible online on some website: as You tube with my video Voices of Sealand 2006 BC, Facebook, Vimeo and so on at gynet_me.                                                        

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