Laureates 2018

Pacifique en chanson 2018 - Laureates of the evening

Four participants of the main component and two young singers of the youth component Jamais Trop Tôt stepped on stage and tried to win the audience’s favors and the jury’s honors in order to continue to others famous events. Trésor Otshudi won the Marie-Woolridge award and emerge victorious from Pacifique en chanson 2018. Through this price, he has won his ticket to Chant’Ouest - the Western Canada music contest – which will take place this year on September 20th in Vancouver. For the youth ‘Jamais Trop Tôt’ (Never too soon) component, André Lacroix did a remarkable performance that give him the opportunity to participate at the Festival international de la chanson de Granby (Qc) this upcoming August with 23 others young singers from all over Canada. Trésor Otshudi also received two other awards: Public award and Press award. The duo Stranger Brew obtained the Song award for their song Le depart.


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Trésor Otshudi - evening Pacifique en chanson 2018 | Photo credit : Stéphanie Lamy


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Duo Stranger Brew - evening Pacifique en chanson 2018 | Photo credit : Stéphanie Lamy


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André Lacroix - evening Pacifique en chanson 2018 | Photo credit : Stéphanie Lamy


Congratulations to all the candidates for this great edition! Read the Press Release for summarizing the evening.

2017 has been an outstanding year, regarding the quality of the show, with talented artists broadcasting a large range of musical styles.

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Jean-François Packwood (ED), with participants Sylvie Painchaud, Mireille Labbé, Mat Côté & Aude Ray | Photo Credit: Stéphanie Lamy

This year, we welcomed 2 artists from Yukon for Pacifique en chanson: Mireille Labbé and Sylvie Painchaud, alongside 2 artists from BC: Aude Ray and Mat Côté.
For the Youth Awards Jamais Trop Tôt (Never too early) Frédérika Ionescu and Joshua Diebel were competing for the prize.

At the end of the evening, Mireille Labbé won the 4 prizes of the main component: 

The Press Award (sponsored by La Source), the Audience Award (sponsored by Fédération des Francophones de C.-B.), The Favorite Song Award (sponsored by Le Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver) for her song "1898" and the Marie Woolridge Award (sponsored by Conseil Scolaire Francophone). 

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Mireille Labbé, winner of the 4 prizes on the main component of the event | Photo Credit: Stéphanie Lamy


For the youth component - Jamais Trop Tôt, Frédérika Ionescu has been choosen by the jury to represente our province at the Festival international de la chanson de Granby (Granby International Song Festival, Qc) this coming August to be part of the show Jamais Trop Tôt - bringing together 24 young singers from all over Canada.

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Frédérika Ionescu | Photo Credit: Stéphanie Lamy



On June 11th 2016, we were happy to organize the 2016 edition of Pacifique en chanson ("Pacifique in songs").

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The event was a great success !
The 4 candidates spent a full week training with experts in stage management and the music industry, before showcasing their talents during the show-competition in front of a full house.

During the night, prices were given to recognize the artists:

Sophie Villeneuve - from Yukon - was handed the Prix Marie Wooldridge. She is representing our 2 provinces at the Chant'Ouest in September 2016, taking the competition one step further.
Eléa Saunier received the Prix du public (Audience's choice).
And Frédéric Etanchaud won the Prix de la presse (Press Award) and the Prix de la chanson primée ( Price for the favourite song of the jury) for his title "30 ans".


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For the 2d year, we also welcomed 2 young artists for Jamais Trop Tôt (Never too early), in partnership with the Conseil Jeunesse Francophone de Colombie-Britannique.
This part is showcasing 2 young singers aged 14 to 17 years old.

Alisa Blanc won the competition against Maude Gosnell-Lancquement. She will represent BC at the International Song Festival of Granby this August.


The evening was also the good time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the CCAFCB with the audience !
Among the projects developped in the past years, we were happy to push the "Caravane des arts" one in the light. Some short videos illustrating the adventure were broadcasted to the audience. You can find all photos and videos online.
It was also a fun nigth, with draws to win some Culture&Arts baskets worth over 1,500$ presents.

Previous years

2015 (23rd edition)
Prix Marie Woolridge - Ingrid Rondel & Samuel Sixto
Chanson primée de la soirée - Jérôme DePasquale
Prix du public - Ingrid Rondel & Samuel Sixto
Prix de la presse - Ingrid Rondel & Samuel Sixto
Jamais trop tôt laureate - Ania-Caroline Rahoerason

2014 (22nd edition)
Prix Marie Woolridge - Denis P. Clément
Chanson primée de la soirée - Les deux soeurs Kamelia et Chahira Merarsi
Prix du public - Les deux soeurs Kamelia et Chahira Merarsi
Prix de la presse - Mireille de la Prairie 

2013 (21st edition)
Prix Marie Woolridge - Aude Ray
Chanson primée de la soirée - Éléa Saunier
Prix du public - Éléa Saunier

2012 (20th edition)
Prix Marie Woolridge - Hélène Beaulieu
Chanson primée de la soirée - Hélène Beaulieu
Prix du public - Loïg Morin

2011 (19th edition)
Prix Marie Woolridge - Myriam Parent
Chanson primée de la soirée - Myriam Parent
Prix du public - Myriam Parent
Prix de la presse - Myriam Parent
Prix Boréale - le groupe Marée Noire

2010 (18th edition)
Prix Marie Woolridge :
      - Pascale Goodrich-Black
     - Sylvie Painchaud
Chanson primée de la soirée - Sylvie Painchaud
Prix du public - Sylvie Painchaud
Prix de la presse - Les Jam'n'tonics

2009 (17th edition)
Prix Marie Woolridge :
    - Michelle A. Richard
    - Virginie Hamel

2008 (16th edition)
Prix Marie Woolridge :
    - Barbara Alexandre
    - Ingrid Rondel

2007 (15th ition)
Prix Marie Woolridge :
    - Geneviève Chassé
    - Ingrid Rondel

2006 (14th edition)
Prix Marie Woolridge :
    - Kathleen Décosse 
    - St-Pierre

2005 (13th edition)
Winners :
    - Junior Belzile 
    - Marie-France Lapierre

2004 (12th edition)
Winner :
    - Mélanie Boucher 

2003 (11th edition)
Winners :
    - Hélène Léone 
    - Steeve Thomas 

2002 (10th edition)
Prix interprète - Alexi Litvinov
Prix Auteur-Compositeur-Interprète - Maurice Albert

2001 (9th edition)
Prix interprète - Sonia MaheuxLaurier Tiernan 
Prix Auteur-Compositeur-Interprète - Laurier Tiernan

2000 (8th edition)
Prix interprète - Karine Zamor 
Prix Auteur-Compositeur-Interprète - Patrice Gélinas

1999 (7th edition)
Prix interprète - Mélonai Brisdon 
Prix Auteur-Compositeur-Interprète - Patrice Gélinas

1998 (6th edition)
Prix interprète - Josée Allard 
Prix Auteur-Compositeur-Interprète - Rhéal Poirier 

1997 (5th edition) 
Prix interprète - Mélonai Brisdon
Prix Auteur-Compositeur-Interprète - Nisha Ouellette

1996 (4th edition)
Prix interprète - Catherine Bourget 
Prix Auteur-Compositeur-Interprète - Morico

1995 (3rd edition)
Prix interprète - Mélonai Brisdon
Prix Auteur-Compositeur-Interprète - Danielle Hébert

1993 (2nd edition)
Prix interprète - Patrick Fillion
Prix Auteur-Compositeur-Interprète - Danielle Hébert

1992 (1st edition)
Prix interprète - Patrick Fillion
Prix Auteur-Compositeur-Interprète - Claude Champagne     

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