Laureates 2017

Congratulations to all the candidates for this great edition! Read the Press Release for summarizing the evening.

2017 has been an outstanding year, regarding the quality of the show, with talented artists broadcasting a large range of musical styles.

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Jean-François Packwood (ED), with participants Sylvie Painchaud, Mireille Labbé, Mat Côté & Aude Ray | Photo Credit: Stéphanie Lamy

This year, we welcomed 2 artists from Yukon for Pacifique en chanson: Mireille Labbé and Sylvie Painchaud, alongside 2 artists from BC: Aude Ray and Mat Côté.
For the Youth Awards Jamais Trop Tôt (Never too early) Frédérika Ionescu and Joshua Diebel were competing for the prize.

At the end of the evening, Mireille Labbé won the 4 prizes of the main component: 

The Press Award (sponsored by La Source), the Audience Award (sponsored by Fédération des Francophones de C.-B.), The Favorite Song Award (sponsored by Le Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver) for her song "1898" and the Marie Woolridge Award (sponsored by Conseil Scolaire Francophone). 

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Mireille Labbé, winner of the 4 prizes on the main component of the event | Photo Credit: Stéphanie Lamy


For the youth component - Jamais Trop Tôt, Frédérika Ionescu has been choosen by the jury to represente our province at the Festival international de la chanson de Granby (Granby International Song Festival, Qc) this coming August to be part of the show Jamais Trop Tôt - bringing together 24 young singers from all over Canada.

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Frédérika Ionescu | Photo Credit: Stéphanie Lamy


General info 2017

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When: Saturday, April 8th

Hour : 8pm

Where : Waterfront Theatre, 1412 Cartwright Street, Granville Island

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A great concert

Pacifique en chanson is both a contest and a concert that serves as a unique stepping stone for francophone artists from BC and the Yukon who wish to gain access to the world of popular music. Every year, 4 participants from Yukon and BC are selected from a pool of candidates.

In addition to providing an enriching on-stage experience, this platform offers candidates individualized training under the supervision of a professional team.

One of our participants will get to take part in Chant'Ouest, a music contest between the provinces of Alberta, BC,Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The winners of Chant'Ouest will then travel to the prestigious Festival International de Chanson de Granby.

The training period brings our candidates to the show-competition that will take place Saturday, April 8th 2017 at the Waterfront Theatre in Vancouver in front of over 200 people.

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For more information, please contact

Anne Stoll
Projets & Communications Manager
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 The CCAFCB is proud to announce the 4 participants selected for the 2017 Edition of Pacifique en chanson


In French and in English, Audrey Houle aka Aude Ray guides us in her world of folk and soul music. She gets her inspiration in the West Coast lifestile, her fascination for the rainforest and this proximity with the mountains and the Pacific Ocean. From Whistler to Winnipeg, Victoria to Toronto, she has travelled to be part of the musical summits of this country.

Aude Ray is happy whe she sings and she plays the guitar or the harp. Since she started music as a child, she has been singing her travels and her live, on her own or with her band The Audio Rays.

Aude Ray also teaches music and writes compositions for school and art projects.

Laureate of Pacific en chanson in 2013, she has joined Chant’Ouest the same year. The next year, she has launched her first French album “Sirène” (Mermaid)

It has also been said that she may be working on a pan-canadian tour in Spring 2017…

 Aude Ray PeC 2017 small


A very open-hearted paramedic’ Mathieu Côté aka Mat Côté loves to travel the world and build relationships wherever he is.

Mathieu Côté PeC 2017 small 

His artistic adventure took a whole new direction after he completed a training to become a composer-songwriter in 2016 at the Langara College  (Vancouver).

After that, he has recorded an EP of 5 songs “Vent dans le dos” (The wind in my back) on Bowen Island with Winston Hauschild

Traveler in his soul, Mat loves musique and enjoys playing in bars and festivals wherever he travels.
Originally from Nouveau-Brunswick, Mat goes from  Canada to Pérou, from France to Brésil and gets his inspiration from his Acadian origines – but also from his spiritual experience and from the cultural diversity he discovers during his exploration.

His folk music and exotic accents tell us of his conception of life and of freedom, sustained by throat singing and beat box.


« Song is a secret revealed, the greatness of the soul ». Mireille has discovered music as a young child in her town of Prairie (Québec).

Her love for nature and travels has called her to Yukon. There, she dives in the cultural life of the francophone community. This is the place where she first dares stepping on stage in 2012 during a cabaret night.

Her success and her artistic soul call her further.

In 2013, Mireille is invited to the show Onde de choc, l’artifice collectif. After that, she is regularely invited to perform in festivals and other French music events.

Mireille Labbé PeC 2017 carré small 

In 2014, Mireille is selected for Pacifique en chanson. This is a revelation for her and she now thrives in sharing her universe, full of humour and melancoly, defined by 100 % folk rythmes.


Storytelling, that’s Sylvie’s life and inspiration. And music is the best support to do that!

Sylvie Painchaud PeC 2017 small 

As a child already, she would’t miss an opportunity to step on stage. From the church choir to the local coffee shop, from students nights of poems to artistic and socially engaged gathering, Sylvie sings her songs with conviction.

After her experience alongside the poet Raymond Lévesque, she starts a career as a journalist to witness news for over 20 years.

In 2008, Sylvie moves to Yukon. Inspired by her new province, she writes and composes songs that become local standards.  

2010, her selection for Pacifique en chanson is the start of several artistic projects designed to promote French songwriting.

Sylvie is now back with a great experience on stage. For 7 years now, she has enjoyed performing in Yukon. Among others, she organizes a saucy cabaret in French. She is also co-writing with Nicole Edwards to prepare her album Genre-Bender (2016).

Sylvie is in love with her mother tong. And she sings as a political and cultural rally cry, to change the world – one note at a time.

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Pacifique en chanson is a great show and competition, but it is before all an intensive training week. A whole team is busy supporting the artists, to train them and sustain them during the rehearsals and the show.


Training and Coaching team

Yanik Giroux                             Artistic Director

Steven Charles                           Musical Director

Xavier Berbudeau                       Technical Coaching 

CCAFCB                                   Tools and networks supporting singers-songwritters

Anique Granger                              Emotions and communications on stage

Gaëtan Nerincx                          Video Design and Creation


Technical team         

Peter Gerencher                          Technical Director

Galia Goodwin                             Stage Manager

Xavier Berbudeau                        Sound Technician

Ken Reckahn                              Light Technician




Pacifique en chanson is live thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.

We thank them warmly for this! 


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