2015 Mentor


If the route taken by Marie-Jo seems made of risk, making it its uniqueness and its strength: a course conducted by the taste of the adventure first.

Marie-Jo ThérioMarie-Jo ThérioBorn in Moncton in Acadia in 1965, Marie-Jo studied early piano, playing in a children's theater company. The maternal family (LeBlanc) left Canada to work in the factories of Massachusetts in the late 20s, eventually return to Memramcook, a small village in southwestern New Brunswick, where the mother of Marie-Jo born. The Thériault family meanwhile, suffered incessant migration from the deportation of the Acadians, culminating in the village of Baie Sainte Anne.

Marie-Jo was born in Shediac, where she grew up in Moncton leaking slowly classical-piano to explore more personal songs .Its first brother Marc is also part of a punk band (Syntax Error).

At 17, she moved to Montreal, appears regularly in song boxes, studied literature and theater at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art, where it is put at the door. She returned to Acadia play in a children's room, she signs the music. Then, invited by actor friends, she returned to Montreal, participates in a show Brecht- Weill (The 7 deadly sins) where the author Michel Tremblay and the leader and asked him to audition for Nelligan, an opera on life of the poet Emile Nelligan, presented at the Arts Theatre Maisonneuve of Place in Montreal desk fermé.En 1990 with accomplices musicians, including pianist Bruneau Fecteau, Jean Massicotte and Daniel Thouin, it goes up a little show of his songs Theatre La Licorne, in Montreal. .It continues to perform and win only gradually a public increasingly loyal. She accepts the meantime a role at the head (City Room) it holds for 3 years , trip to Russia, where it brings an accordion .. During the 1st World Acadian Congress in 1994, producer Robert Vinet (GSI music) attends one of his shows and offers her first record deal (album As the music , 1995). It's on the small stage of the Theatre du Maurier, Marie-Jo appears on display: unclassifiable beast scene, disarming authenticity, outstanding storyteller ".. she makes Mary Jo Thério and that's it "(Marie-Christine Blais- La Presse).



2015 Candidates


Ella Ozz

EllaOzz2-webElla OzzSinger-songwriter-composer Ella Ozz has been performing since 1995, drawing on influences from various genres including Soul, Jazz, Blues, Funk and Gospel. She has already composed some twenty original songs that are being recorded for a future album.

Her musical trajectory began in France with a French pop music group. She went on to train in a Gospel music school that gave her a start in the professional arena through various concerts, and where she met artists such as Charlette Wortham (a singer from Chicago) and Guy Nwogang (the percussionist for Manu Dibango and for Stevie Wonder on his tour in 2010).

Ella's artistic network grew to include singer, percussionist Dominique Larose (collaborating with Tété and Jermaine Jackson), the Cissokho Brothers (African jazz and traditional music) and others who all helped her refine her art. In 2009, she took part in a competition for emerging vocal musicians and won the SACEM songwriter-composer award.
Since 2014, she has been living in Vancouver, singing in the musical comedy "Jazz-Club".

"Pacifique en chanson" will give her the opportunity to interact with musicians from other backgrounds and to continue her musical training.

Ingrid Rondel and Samuel Sixto

ingrid et samuel1Ingrid Rondel et Samuel SixtoThis collaboration began as a kind of musical "love at first sound," and since then, the duo has performed at many events as well as private functions for various associations in British Columbia. Ingrid and Samuel are frequent guest performers on many of the francophone stages in the province.

Ingrid Rondel discovered her passion for singing when she joined a jazz choir, and she has continued her vocal training in workshops and training sessions in Vancouver. Samuel Sixto started playing the piano at a very young age and went on to study music professionally at the Geneva Music Conservatory. With his classical background, he has composed music for theatre. He turned to vocal performance when he began accompanying various singers and before long, he was composing songs.

Ingrid Rondel is a familiar face at "Pacifique en chanson" (a winner in 2007 and in 2008). As for Samuel, he has already served as an adjudicator for the event. After combining their artistic forces, they decided to return to "Pacifique en chanson" as a duo.

They hope that their participation in the upcoming edition of "Pacifique en chanson" will, above all, be an opportunity to learn and to benefit from the expertise of the other groups and participants, as a source of inspiration to their own musical adventure. They also hope that thanks to "Pacifique en chanson", they will be able to export their music beyond B.C.'s borders and draw in a wider audience to share in their voyage.

Jérôme De Pasquale

jeromedipasquale3-webJérôme De PasqualeJérôme De Pasquale hails from France and has been living in Canada for the past four years. He is a self-taught multi instrumentalist who has gone through a number of phases in his artistic development. He began his career as a guitarist and composer in a Funk band and several years later, after learning to play the trumpet, he launched into experimental jazz. A year later, he experimented as a composer and trumpet player in a Reggae band. He then he set out on a concert tour with the Anglophone musician Mark Elliott, performing Folk-inspired music.

A number of concerts and various other projects in the genres of Post-rock and Electro-Pop have followed in succession, as Jérôme lets himself be guided only by the pleasure of making music and sharing it with others. He comments that since he has gone back to performing in French, he is rediscovering the beauty and power of the language, in its words, semantic fields and linguistic imagery.

For Jérôme, "Pacifique en chanson" is an incredible opportunity to share his art and to exchange with other musicians, to develop artistically, and to showcase what he has been able to achieve through his efforts. As he says, composing music is so essential to him that he compares it to the backbone of his life, or at the very least, the crutch that enables him to stand up and move forward.

General Information


Date: Saturday, June 6

Time: 8pm

Venue: Waterfront Theatre, 1412 Cartwirght street, Vancouver

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